How to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


If you are using social media then you should be worried about measuring it. But don’t just measure it for the sake of metrics instead measure your social media activities so that you can learn from them. You can also analyze what is successful and what is not and how you can improve further. In this blog, we will help you to get started with your social media measurement addressing some questions.

How do you know your social media is going effective?

How do you decided what metrics you need to use for monitoring?

How do you calculate the metrics?

How do you interpret the number into leads once you have them?

There social media measurement have two types

Ongoing analysis

The ongoing analysis focuses on tracking activity over the time

Campaign focused metrics

It focuses on Campaign event Analytics with a clear beginning or end.

Latest discuss some of the plans which help you to measure your social media

Determine your social media goals

Decide your social media goals. What you are trying to accomplish with those social media channels.

Create Metrics to measure goals

The next step is to compare your goals with the actual metrics and behaviors. like how many clicks you are getting, is it retweet Or repost. look around for comments and replies.


After you have listed the metrics you want to focus on. Now it’s time to find out tools for that and then you can start your measuring.

Monitor and report

The fourth step is to report on the results you get. Two important questions that have to be nail down here are

  • How do your number is compared with the one you are expected?
  • Do you compare your products with the competitive product’s campaign?

Adjust and repeat

In this final step, you need to carefully review your measurement program. And if you are missing something, figure out what it is, how you can improve, and make changes.

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