How To Re-Design Website Without Losing SEO


Do you want to redevelop your website but you are afraid that you might lose your ranking. Many site owners don’t want to redesign their websites because of this fear. But the truth is you need to redesign your website if you have an outdated website. The new design will give more functionality and experience to your users as compared to the previous one.

Let us take a look at different steps which can help you maintain your SEO rankings.

Make a backup of your website

It is good to have a backup of your website before you plan to redesign it. As if website design doesn’t go in the way you want it to go, you can go back to your previous version. And creating a backup is not a difficult task you can actually do it on your own.

Use a site under the maintenance page

You don’t want your visitors to see a broken page or a broken link to your website. So it would be best if you use the maintenance page while doing changes to your website.

Keep the same content in structure

You are about to redesign your website, try to make your content unchanged as possible as it can be. Also, don’t try to remove any pages of the websites or URLs.

Test your new design

This step is very much important so make sure that you take care of this step. Whenever you are developing a website, it has usually done on a Staging Server. This is because if you find any errors in your website you can immediately solve them before you launch your website.

Launch your website

Now it’s time to launch your website and put your all hard work into reality. Publish it into the live server and remove it from the Staging step. Turn off with maintenance mode and let your visitors see the redeveloped website.

These are some steps that you can use to maintain your site SEO rankings.

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