SEO And Web Design: Everything You Need To Know

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Website design is important for all businesses who wish to have online success. The design is still another element. The first one is to appear on the first page of Google search. If you want to rank high on the search engines, you should optimize your website with search engine optimization (SEO).

Otherwise, your existing and potential customers won’t find your website easily. Your website should be designed by a web design agency with a comprehensive SEO strategy to get the most effective result. So, let’s look at the important web design and SEO principles that all businesses should incorporate into their website design.

Site structure and information architecture: It is the most important principle that every website should have well-defined website architecture and navigation as it would be the basic structure of your website. Make sure your users did not face any difficulty navigating your website.

From an SEO perspective, if your web pages will easily be crawled and your users stay on your site for a long time, it will improve your website’s conversion rate.

Mobile-friendly and responsive design: Mobile-friendliness has been considered an important ranking factor since 2015. Every website should be designed for mobile because more than 78% of users use mobile phones to search for anything.

You will get a perfect user experience if your site is designed responsively. It has been said that mobile-friendliness is achieved only through responsive design.

Usability: Some of the important key factors for a user-friendly website are page layout, visual hierarchy, site navigation, site search, contact forms, and call to action. If your website has poor usability, it will lead to bad UX.

However, good usability will allow your users to stay longer on your website and ultimately convert them to your permanent customers.

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