Six Stages of Production in Multimedia

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Six Stages of Production in Multimedia

Multimedia projects are complex. It is a team work for achieving success in a multimedia project where scores of technical personnel wear their thinking caps to display their skills. The journey of a project development process involves specialized parts of the team right from creation of story to technical editing and regular review sessions. Passing through stringent evaluations at each stage, it is designed to improvise the project while focusing attention to clients’ technical requirement and needs which is actually the preference of the audience.

Planning Meeting :-

Multimedia development process entails planning meeting, which is very vital as far as multimedia development process is concerned. This meeting creates a shared vision for everyone working on the project. The meeting brings together the entire team involved in the project. The project manager at the meeting communicates the major goals that needs to be achieved and highlights the targets. Apart from the usual discussion on the technical points of the project, the agenda of the meeting may also include a debate about the target audience and the support coming from each division.

Script Writing :-

Following the initial meeting, the personnel in charge of the background story create a brief script or an outline of a story. In other words most multimedia projects have a story behind them. The text hits the principal points of the project. Here the script writers work over time and use language appealing to the audience where jargon, tone of the lingo and the overall style are at play.

Story Board :-

Multiple pieces of audio, imagery, video, text for voice overs and titles on the screen usually form the part of a multimedia project. Story boarding bonds well with everything together; including story board panel for a scene including a sketch of the visual elements, the voice over and title text or any other production notes that goes into smart story weaving that would enthrall the audience. Giving structure to the project, it guides the process and keeps everyone in check.

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