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Optimizing blog posts for search engines

All of us like to see our products, read blogs, on the top rung of Google search.  Nevertheless, to reach the coveted position is difficult. You have to follow certain norms, specified by the regulatory authorities, in order to get to that position.

Although, it is a challenge to achieve the desired position or status on the Google search ranking, but it is not impossible. What should you do to get your blog posts to enable showing up for a given keyword search in Google’s top position?

The process is called ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO for short.  Appearing for keyword searches when people find you when they need your assistance is what the whole gamut is all about.  However, like any other marketing challenges, here too you will find a lot of competition for hot keywords vying with each other. It is pertinent to note that SEO has come a long way due to technological advancement; in the sense, one need to grapple technically by following all the norms laid down by Google. In the current scene, some tips have been listed here to enable your blog posts to show up for specific Google search for given key words.

  1. Google Playing Pivotal Role

Google throws challenges and it makes sense to first accept them to understand the guidelines. The matrix may sound a little complex but their aim is to deliver the most useful results. The ever dynamic Google judges, among other issues; that whether their results find utility among the users, how long one stays on a given website, or how much of a blog post or article on a given subject one reads, or whether the user clicks through other content on a particular site.

The complex technology of Google further probes to study the website credibility indicators, such as the total traffic to a particular website, or how many other websites link to a specific site, or whether a particular site is connected to active social media profiles, so on and so forth.

These crucial set of information offer Google the desired insight into how legitimate and helpful a website is going to benefit the users. In addition, the importance of their algorithm that tends to determine the right search results to return for a given keyword search that is constantly being updated to enhance their search engine experience. It is difficult to understand how it works, yet SEO wiz kids are relentlessly working overtime to upgrade in order to scale up ranking.

  1. Creating Valuable Blog Post

Formerly, one could liberally key in many relevant keywords for specific search terms.  In other words, the pages were over filled about the site to show up for those keyword searches. Of late, Google became prudent and keyword stuffing has been banned; in fact, penalized. 

Google has its own set of rules; it simply calculates the percentage of times a keyword is used in relation to the total words on the web page or keyword density. The keyword density has been restricted to less than 2%.

Ideally, creating valuable and relevant content is the norm. Google evaluates the visitors’ behavior in terms of search and utility of the content. Keeping visitors engaged for a longer time on a site with thorough and pertinent answers promoting events online, can further help blog posts show up higher in search result rankings.

  1. Emphasis on Limited Keywords

Focusing on limited key words is the essence. It could be “key person life insurance” or “RPT investment.” By focusing or targeting on the content to specific keywords, the searches become easy.

    1. Displaying Keywords in the Title, Headings and URL

The next step after selecting the keywords is to apply them in the right areas of the post. This is an important process. Google offers graded and ranked credibility to titles of posts, headings and URL; meaning the use of keywords in the title, the paragraph headings and the URL or web address, all becomes relevant.

  1. Meta Description & Word Press

A short summary of a blog post is meta description having a maximum of 160-character. Most websites for advisors have areas to add your meta description.

Generally, meta description shows up below the title of blog post in search results and it is significant that an accurate meta description is created to enable Google understand what the post is about and moreover it is easy for people to click on the desired post in their search results. By using Yoast SEO plugin, meta description can be optimized if you have a WordPress site.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Blogs

Today everything is happening on the move. Smart phone devices have become more smart and intelligent to handle website traffic.  While majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices providing great user experience, the sites that are not mobile-friendly are under the scanner of big brother Google to penalize sites that are not compatible. Therefore, it is good to safeguard and create mobile-friendly websites.

  1. Optimizing Images

Google likes only relevant pictures uploaded with the text content or blog. Image relevancy is the primary requirement for Google like relevant image and appropriate title is a must. Screen readers used by visually impaired people depend on properly labeled images.It is in the fitness of things that by adding an accurate label to the images SEO score gets a fillip.It is quite easy just by editing the “alt text” for each image in the post.

  1. Assortment of Content on Similar Topic

There are no shortcuts to master search engine optimization. In order to stay in the good books of Google and retain credibility is to create a lot of great and relevant content on specific topics that are also popular with the masses. We hope the above time tested notes on tips to stay on the top searches of Google are going to be useful

Hop you find these step useful for optimizing your blog. Stay tune to get some awesome tips and tricks for search engine optimization.

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