Using a Chatbot for Improving User Experience of Website

chat bot for marketing

Businesses now starting to use Intelligence in their business operations with chatbots. Chatbot takes User experience and inbound marketing to an extremely new level. Let us look at some of the benefits which chatbots offer to the User experience.

Increase customer engagement

Chatbots engage your customer at many levels. For see, you can notify your customer about the Deals And discounts available with the Messenger bot. Chatbots make customer interactions natural. If you are in talking with the chatbot you are feeling like you are talking to someone. Research shows that 63% of the customers don’t even know that they are talking to the chatbot. These chatbots give a chance to your business to speak with the customers.

Personalized User experience

The customer has now expected highly targeted messages from the business. Their journey right from the content to the customer supports is easy. Chatbot play important role in providing personalized UX. It listens to the customer needs individually and tries to solve the problem with fast solutions and answers.

Improve Customer support

Customers want to provide timely feedback on multiple channels. Do you know that the average customer wants an answer to the question in less than 24 hours? And what if your customer support representative clock off in the middle of the night? So you better take charge of this job to the chatbot.

Chatbots don’t sleep, they are 24*7 available for your customer. With the proper chat management system, you can make sure that your bot can able to handle large quantities of customer information with faster feedbacks. And if a human does this, it would need days to accomplish.


If you still thinking about implementing chatbots, keep in mind that they will give your business remarkable results. As future will take a lot of improvements and chatbots makes it possible to do those improvements faster.

Also if you want to be in competition, you need to jump upon chatbots as fast as possible. Contact eTCS for Custom AI Chatbots.

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