What Are Social Meta Tags? How to Control How Your Content Looks in Social Media Shares?

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What Are Social Meta Tags?

Website owners can influence what material appears when a page is shared on social media sites, thanks to social meta tags. The Open Graph Protocol is a foundational element of social meta tags, sometimes called open graph meta tags. A set of guidelines known as the “Open Graph Protocol” improves current technologies to give developers more flexibility as it generates rich objects for social graphs on web pages. Social meta tags serve as guidelines that specify which specific image, video, title, URL, etc., should be displayed when content is shared on social networks.

How to handle how your data looks and social media shares

You may manage how your material appears when rationed on social media with social meta tags, which can help you significantly increase the amount of social media traffic that comes to your website.

Three Key Social Media References –

Open Graphs

With the use of Facebook’s Open Graph protocol, third-party websites and web applications can incorporate user activity from the social network into their user activity. Other social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Twitter, have started to accept these Open Graph tags. The most crucial tags you may use on your website can be these.

Twitter Cards 

They function essentially in the same way as Open Graph tags. They are solely pertinent to Twitter, which is the only actual difference. When your site is mentioned in tweets, “cards” made by Twitter Card tags are displayed next to the tweets.

With just a few lines of code, you can utilize Twitter Cards to add movies and photos to your tweets. Only two of the many Twitter Card variations are most frequently used for typical blog posts and articles –

  • Summary Cards
  • Photo Summary Cards

Schema Microdata

Microdata is a type of markup language that may be found at Schema markup, also known as a rich snippet or improved description, is created after it is applied to a webpage and displayed in search results.

There is no proof that microdata immediately impacts organic search results. However, rich snippets do increase the prominence of your web pages in SERPs. It has been demonstrated that more visibility results in higher click-through rates.

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