What’s the Better Option A Marketing Agency or in House Team?

How To Get Exposure And Traffic To Your Online Business

Question of having an in-house team or agency marketing company always pops up in your mind. And there is no right and wrong? The decision will depend upon different factors related to your business.

If you want your In-house team, then you have to find out an expert in different areas and you need a content writer, SEO specialist, social media manager, paid ads specialist and many more that’s why it is always advisable to go weather marketing agency.

It will take a lot of money and time to build your own house team. Yes but a few organization is too big and doing business on a large scale level, then you can go with the in-house team.

So let us compare both of them on the basis of some elements.

Skillset- Skills or ability required to complete a task or job successfully.

Inhouse team

  • Your own house to employees is paid with the objective to breathe and grow your brand. They have a good understanding of your industry.
  • It is rare that you find out a digital marketing expert who is an expert in all the activities, therefore you need to go with different employees for different activities.


  • You will not already have all the specialists in different fields of digital marketing. Therefore, go with the industry that has a good track record in the past years.
  • You need to take research on finding out the agency which works best for your business goals and in your prefered timeline.

Which one is better?

It entirely depends upon your business. If you can afford to hire a different specialist for different work and you have enough work for them, then in house team can be beneficial for you. Otherwise, it is beneficial to go with a marketing agency that already has specialists.

A complete design of digital marketing strategy from top to bottom takes much time, so agency makes more sense here.

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