Static Or Html Banner Ads-Which Is Best For Marketing Campaigns?

Static Or Html Banner Ads-Which Is Best For Marketing Campaigns?

Banner advertising is also known as targeted display advertising, which can attract the targeted audience by generating sales and brand awareness.

Static ads are used in the past that includes a single picture and text; to perfectly convey the message. A single message and simple image can work in attracting customers.

HTML is used to animate the pieces of the banner or full-banner. It is a code or language that can fade an image or word flying across the banner ads. It is also known as a responsive design banner.

Nowadays, almost every business prefers to use HTML ads because the audience wants responsive, up-to-date, and digital banners. These are the animated banners that save the time of the customers to understand the brand and advertisement.

So, let’s look at the reason that why HTML banners are the best for marketing campaigns.


There is no need to squeeze all the information into a single image. You can create many slides or screens with HTML banners that will help to give all the additional information to the visitors. It will help in providing a more creative look to your banner.

More memorable:

Today’s viewers want more shiny and flashy things. You can create a more memorable ad and viewers will love it as compared to just a plain image.

Size matters:

Most of the audience is using mobile devices as a primary source for all internet-related things. So, a small static banner will look blurry and unreadable on mobile phones, however, HTML can help you make different slides. You can also increase the font size in HTML banner ads.

Reach the audience in different ways:

You can provide anything your users want, whether it is text, videos, or simple formats. HTML format can make everything.

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