Video Marketing FAQs Answered: Top 5 Questions Answered

Video Marketing FAQs Answered: Top 5 Questions Answered

Businesses are making videos to communicate their mission statements, explain new products and services, create tutorials, and much more. Video marketing is one of the best options to connect with your customers in a versatile and engaging way. If you want to start video marketing for your company, then it should be set up so that you can get the most of the content about your business.

So, let’s look at the top 5 questions about video marketing and learn them in detail.

How is video marketing defined?

A beautiful and simple answer is that video marketing is a process to deliver your message through a video to your targeted audience. It helps you to promote your brand, engage with your clients or customers, and showcase your product.

Why should you focus on video marketing?

Nowadays, almost every business is using video marketing because you can start it with any budget, either high or low, it is up to you. Even, it is cost-effective and boosts your business at a different level. It also builds traffic to your business and gives high-level profit.

What is the demand for online video?

The traffic of online video watching has been tripled from 2015 to 2021. More than 500 million and 10 billion videos are watched on YouTube and Snapchat every day respectively. In 2017, more than 74% of all internet traffic was from video marketing, and from 2020, it has become 80%.

Who is using videos for marketing?

Among 60% of makers in 2016 were using video marketing for social media marketing and 14% for live videos. However, today 96% of makers make their investment in video marketing. And among 86% of the colleges and schools have a YouTube channel and use video marketing to expand their business.

How to increase views on videos?

Every platform measures its view differently like Facebook views are 3 seconds whereas YouTube views are 30 seconds. You should create the most quality videos to attract viewers. Your content should be relevant.

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